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Strong wind and cold weather in Vancouver

Outside of my room is so cold. Today I went the Starbucks store which I haven’t ever been and I drunk tall Chai Tea Latte.
The store is next to the Vancouver Public Library Central. Staff is friendly and store is convenient.
During drinking tea, I had read the book of International Trading in Japanese for preparing exam in Japan at the beginning of March.
After then I bought some of instant food at H-mart, Korean supermarket.

The temperature was not so low, but I felt so cold. The winter season have already started.

iPad mini pressure recognition disorder

When I made iPad mini lengthwise, it did not sense pressure of the pen (shiatsu) in width approximately left side 1cm of the liquid crystal from the top to the bottom. Cannot push the parts which Safari returns a page to to be troubled. It is about time after I purchased iPad mini release immediately when it was produced last year because I always use it for hours every day.

Today’s new words

filibuster = a long speech made in a parliament in order to delay a vote
inauguration = the beginning or introduction of a system, policy, or period:
the inauguration of an independent prosecution service. Especially by President. For instance , the title of The West Wing episode.
The person smiles all the time and often laughs.
He suggests that we should have a party.
Eventually,the project is cancelled.
I thought it was cold all-year round.
They don’t know what they should do.
Man men grip a bar with both hands, so the girl can’t say that he touched her.
It’s hard to find a charging station.
Email is irritating because.. sometime I don’t understand the reason for the message.
He made a long speech all by himself.
I’m out of the loop = I don’t know what’s happening these days.

New words

The word,’Months’ of pronunciation is just ‘MUNCE’ Don’t worry about the difference between month and months. The last sound is th or s.

‘discuss about XXX’ is wrong. ‘discuss XXX’ is correct.

‘lenient’ is that easy going rules.
On march’s on is not always used. For example, This March is cold. Using on is for expressing something.

hand in : to give someone something
separate phrasal verb: hand [pronone, none, any word] in is OK.
But hand in it[prononun] is NG.
pronoun must be in the phrasal verb.

adapt: to change sth in order to make it suitable for a new use or situation. Modify.
adopt: to take sb else’s child into your family and become its legal parent

an indirect word or phrase that people often use to refer to sth embarrassing or unpleasant, sometimes to make it seem more acceptable than it really is
‘Pass away’ is a euphemism for ‘die’. to use softer word.

fourteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen(UP). forty(down).

follow up:
set up:
make up:
hand in:
sort out:
carry on:
back out:
go with:
to streamline
to relocate
to relax ————– the different mean what I understood.
to make a rule less strict or severe.
to enforce
to adjust
to reduce
to dete’riorate = to become worse
to downsizie = to make a company or organization smaller by reducing the number or people working for it. Just use for human resources.
to phase in
to phase out